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October 16, 2015

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Mark D. Flattery, President

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Happy 7th Anniversary Project 100Million!

We praise the Lord that October 15th was the seventh anniversary of what we now call Network211’s “Project 100Million.”  We officially launched Network211’s Project 10Million on October 15, 2008 with the intent of presenting the Gospel to 10 million people in ten years.  But, what we were asking the Lord to do in ten years, He did in five years!  You may remember that Project 10Million was reached just one-half hour before October 15, 2013.  We praise the Lord!

With Project 10Million completed, we were inspired, and we believe led by the Holy Spirit, to increase the vision to Project 100Million.  We praise the Lord that in the last two years, over 8.2 million visitors have viewed a Network211 evangelism site!  This brings the total to over 18.2 million visitors in seven years.

Please rejoice with us!  It is due to your partnership that together we have presented the Good News in 242 countries and territories!  We praise the Lord!

Please consider prayerfully what more could be done.  Lord willing, by the end of the year we will launch Journey Answers in Portuguese and French.  This will be followed by Journey Answers in German.  Projects in various stages of production are Journey Answers for Youth, Journey Answers for Seniors, and Journey Answers for Military.  We need to move forward with all of these endeavors by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit and with partners like you! 

It would be fantastic to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Project 100Million by wanting to reach even more people!  Your generous gift could touch the lives of people around the world who are searching the Internet for answers, hope, and help.  Together, we can engage them in conversation and lead them to Christ.

We know that every $1 given to Network211 can tell 13 people about Jesus.  Your gift of $100 can present the Gospel to 1,300 people worldwide.  This is our time.  This is our responsibility.  This is our opportunity!



Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President



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